The only source of knowledge is experience.
by Albert Einstein

YES Leadership Senior Programme

This is a 1 week nature, business and tertiary based exploration experience exclusively for 15 - 18 year old international students. The Greenfield Forest School provides this experience is for young people who want to get a better understanding of what it would be like to live and study at university in New Zealand.

YES Leadership Junior Programme

This is a 3 week experience (1 week in Nature, 2 weeks at a New Zealand School) exclusively for 12 - 14 year old international students. The Greenfield Forest School provides this experience for young people who want to get a better understanding of what it would be like to live and study at high school in New Zealand.

ProKiwi Camps for International Students

This is a short term (3 day, 2 night) camp for long term international students studying in New Zealand high schools and not sitting NCEA exams. The Greenfield Forest School provides an exclusive Kiwiana outdoor experience at Whatipu Lodge, surrounding coastline and native forest areas.

YES Forest Adventure Camps

We do not simply move the content of teaching from the classroom into nature, nor do we design a narrow single-plank bridge from A to B for our learners. At the Greenfield Forest School we use nature to inspire curiosity among participants. Together we explore a vast range of academic areas of the New Zealand forest (bush) and inspire deeper levels of interest and engagement.

YES Ocean Adventure Camps

Because the Ocean is mysterious to most people, it inspires an enthusiasm for exploration and inquiry. At The Greenfield Forest School we use the marine resources of the South Pacific Ocean to teach about ecosystems, to think about ecological crisis and to raise awareness of the threat of climate change facing all generations of life.

Open Day Tour

Visiting a forest school is the best way to experience our daily teaching and lifestyle. The Greenfield Forest School invites you to apply for an Open Day Tour so you may have a "taste" of the outdoor experience. Join our tutors and leaders to discuss programme options, and the opportunity for your child to experience a life changing education in natural New Zealand.


How different everything is when you are with the right people!
by Kate Greenaway


If you can't get a miracle, become one.
by Nick Vujicic


Leadership development is an lifelong process. Our outdoor nature based learning camps provide international students with facilitated group experiences to assist in discovering their own personal leadership potential.

Sustainable Future

Because sustainability is a vast topic underpinning all aspects of our world, we assist students to identify how sustainability impacts each of their own individual lives. Each YES Camp experience invites the student to explore sustainability in a group context using the natural environment, shared culture, education and career choices, business structures and future problem solving as an unfolding inquiry.

Multicultural Competencies

The world is getting smaller. It’s more critical than ever for people to develop, and retain multicultural leadership that can navigate both the opportunities and challenges of a more connected world. During YES Camp each student explores their own cultural choices and how these are shaping the identity of future generations.

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Marine Mammals
Native Plants
Intertidal Biota
At YES, I harvested my future ideals and beliefs. I became full of enthusiasm for life as well.


Chengdu Shude Middle School
My confidence grew stronger and stronger each day. I know "I can do this". These lessons are not available in any books.


Beijing No. 8 High School
Branches fully covered by yellow flowers blown by the cold wind. Streams of green water fills up the pond. Thank you, forest of beauty. You paint my mind with unprecedented enjoyment.


Zhuozhou No. 3 Middle School