Together we create a better future, because our students are Transdisciplinary Thinkers, Cross-cultural Leaders, and Responsible Decision-makers.


YES! Journey

YES! - Youth Education for Sustainability

A flexible personal growth journey that helps young people to get ready for the world.

Nature Exploration - Encounter nature, build New Zealand natural identity and belongingness, crease outdoor safety awareness, keep curiosity

Authentic Learning - Reconnect with nature, inspire passions to nature, evidence and experience what learned in the classroom

Interdisciplinary Thinking - Respect with nature by widely and deeply thinking of the future, build the links among school subjects, identify future problems

Leadership & Entrepreneurship - Re-engage with nature by initialising projects, participate in social services, be ready for the future

Demonstrate Soft Skills - Get out of the comfort zone, demonstrate and evidence young people’s soft skills by the Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award


... is everywhere. The main campus is at the corner where the Waitakere Rainforest meets the Tasman Sea.
Any natural spaces could become the campus of The Greenfield Forest School, for example, public parks, woodlands, beaches, caves, rocky pools, islands, and more.


On a warm afternoon in the fall of 2013, Ryan knocked on the door of Nigel in Auckland. This is their first meeting. In that afternoon, they discussed on youth development and sustainable future. This became our today's brand, "YES!", Youth Education for Sustainability.


We are ...

The Greenfield Forest School is an inspirational process that offers children, young people and adults opportunities to achieve and develop independence, confidence and self-esteem in the New Zealand natural environment through experiential learning, for example, spotting and identifying our unique flora and fauna.
Holistic education is concerned with the development of a person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. The Greenfield Forest School aims to create “whole” individuals who are well balanced in their wellbeing, character development and academic success.
We encourage young people to be involved in sustainable development which helps them to become interdisciplinary thinkers, cross-cultural leaders and responsible decision-makers. The Greenfield Forest School believes that the future is not a mere continuation of past, and in an age of uncertainty, it is up to us to design and create it.

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  •   6 Rosedale Road, Auckland
YES! I can do it ...
Before coming to New Zealand, I didn’t know what academic field should be for my higher education. Although I wrote the environmental studies in my shortlist, I’m not sure whether I can do this and what its future should be ...
… At Whatipu Lodge, I found that sustainable life is possible and is not just in the textbook ...
… I cannot imagine life without WiFi, but at the camp, I got used to chatting with real people rather than just sending text …
… my confidence grew stronger and stronger at YES! Camp. I knew "I can do it". Such confidence is not available in the textbooks.

SABRINA LU, YES! Camp 2017

SABRINA LU, YES! Camp 2017

Current Environmental Science Student at Washington University
A lost migratory bird
… when I first arrived in New Zealand, I was depressed and restrained. It seems extremely abnormal to use these two adjectives to describe a 17-year-old boy. But it is true. … There are only two things in my life: homework and games. I lost in such a vacuum environment, and I felt that my youth was just passing away, meaningless. At YES! Camp, I and other campers quickly became friends. We laughed, we talked freely, we shared our embarrassment, we went crazy together. We gained the friendship and recognised who we are. Education for sustainability has allowed me to find my own values in life, and it also allows me to establish the goal that I wish to pursue a life … Life is now valued to me, just like a lost migratory bird regaining the direction of migration; and like a lighthouse in the thick fog, leading the boat forward. ...


Current Nutritional Science Student at Minnesota University


We believe that people are the cornerstone of a great school. Therefore, whether you are interested parents, students preparing to enrol, graduated alumni, or our friends, neighbours, visitors, your interest and enthusiasm are our wealth and motivation. We expect to express our deep gratitude!